Monday, August 23, 2010

Zoo Negara

So yes the everything is on the 2nd week and yes everything is going to planned by


And this time, i'm not going to video our trip with a camera, i'm gonna bring a camcorder AND a camera..


Oh incidentally, Ler Yeen is going with us so while over there, she could be Ler-Hui-Yeen.

Lake Gardens is pretty much sorted out but for zoo negara..

I'm hoping you guys can take the LRT or bus because it is quite Accesible there.

The fee is 25 bucks WITH IC so pls bring it.
We can use the station near Wawa's house actually.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Darn Toothin..

I'm the LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD, Darn toothin i am..


Love your plot zu en it was very funny.

Oh and incidentally pleas ekeep the 2nd week of your holidays free
because i'm going to beijing during the first week.

Going to treat us to something nice, trying to plan plan plan..


Thursday, July 29, 2010


On August the 5th, our newest sixteen year old member is now one week old! hoorays!
Its going to be a short one, but good things comes in small packages right? hahaha. Ok la, im just lost for the best words to say to appreciate this very important person which means ALOT to us :)
Try to sing it in the chicken little we are the champions tune. if not, come find me, i'll sing it for you ahaha!

I want to say something my friend...
that you're one of the best-crazy-loving budds i've ever had...
*heh heh heh*
I really really love you coz i know you really really love us too...
You rock my world yea...
Coz you're the one and only...
HUANG LI HUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry its a week overdue.
Happy Belated Birthday =)

P.s Thanks zu en for saving a spot lol =D

Dedicated to LIHUI the ultra super duper hyper until cannot add any longer AWESOME FREN! HAHAHAHAH!

I don't talk but I typed :DD
Once again. And the very last one for this yr 2010' before li hui turn 16 + 1 day.
HAPPPEEEEYYY 16666666thhh B'DAE :DD!
70Things about..... ( haven't thought about title yet )
1. Saya telah pergi ke kelas 3 keruing pada tahun lepas.
2. Saya telah berjumpa dengan rakan saya yang "awesome" --- Li Hui! 8D
3. Kami dengan Yin Hui. Jing Hui tambah THE KID telah mengform Hui Clan.
4. President kita merupakan Li Hui the elegant poise dan saya tak tahu apa LOL!
5. President of president aka POP! merupakan THE KID, tetapi post it tidak sesuainya kerana dia terlalu KECIL LOL!
6. Li Hui sangat suka pergi shopping.
7. Dia shop until SANGAT PRO.
8. Dia ke dalam 5minute sudah boleh pilih lebih daripada 5 baju untuk try.
9. Shop favouritenya ialah... what you called that again?....*scratches head* YEAH NICCI LOL!
10. Dia suka sasori tetapi saya tidak suka.
11. Ini adalah kerana sasori tidak handsome.
12. Gaara lagi handsome :D! * like this* HAHAHAHAH
13. Selain itu, snsd especially tiffany. SANGAT COMEL LOL!
14. Li Hui likes number 13. HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA
15. Li Hui merupakan seorang SQUASH player ( i got it right this time HAHAHHA ) yang sangat handal.
16. Dia mengtrash opponentnya kao kao.
Err.. Diaa... err. dia apa ah? LOL! brain stuck! HAHAHAH anyways. 16 bina ayat 4 16 bdae agam agam HO LAH! hahahha. i'll post it when the clock reach 11.59 HAHAHAHHA!

Above all are just a joke dont take it seriously LOL! ( not hard feeling rite?? xD)n i might b changing it again. + im not done WITH IT! come bak tmr to continue HAHHAHAHAHAH! OMG MY AYAT STRUCTURE IS TERRIBLE LOLOLOL!

To all of you big jokers,

That day when you guys came singing madly with balloons in your hands and i was half naked without my baju kurung skirt, was truly really genuinely sincerely the best monents of my life.
And surprisingly. i was actually surprised!!

And you guys are the very FEW PEOPLE in the world who have ACTUALLY RENDERED ME TEARS...
When things got rough on tuesday, i thought back on monday and really, You guys may not know it but i really love what you guys did.
Thank you, thank you so much for what you did!

Ok and the edited videos that we took on that day will NOT be posted on Facebook, because you can see me underwear..

To Zu En who looked at me this morning, and i just stared at her waiting for that 'Happy Birthday!' wish


Or else...


Friday, July 23, 2010

HI…! Hi…! Hi…! Okay, I’m being lame.

I have nothing to write here. In these few months, lots of things happened. Sadness and angriness happened. But these issues are getting better now. But still, things will not work out right if it’s only one side trying to make it better. Awkwardness will always happen. Sorry for writing this here, I’m just… hmm.

Well, should I go for st.john tomorrow?


Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well as usual nobody updates the blog and gee..
Anyway first things first congratulations to Candace who won her first ever english triump in the
Coral speaking contest..

And well Wawa i hope things go well in your oral drama seeing as you had to SKIP CHINESE


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh. My. Gosh.

Today was fun. I wasn't in class the whole day because I had to practice for choral speaking.
We people are totally crazy. We played basketball with the hand holding an umbrella. ('cause it was really HOT.) ShaoWen, Jessie, Jon, Jo and I were playing basketball under the HOT sun. But I couldn't shoot one ball to the goal. Such a failure.

Well, it was tiring.

♥ Hope you guys had fun in school.

I miss the time we were together and do something crazy. And, the time we looked like some kind of insane people hanging around in the school. I really miss that.

p.s: I don't really hate Super Junior, i found out someone cute inside the band. ;D I'm sure YinHui will be very glad to hear this.

Finally i have finished my NIE project. It's super tiring and it annoys me when the date line is getting nearer and nearer. But I'm so glad that ours are so beautiful and gorgeous. Isn't it ZU?

I bought the banana chocolate from the librarians. It's so sweeet. If you don't like sweet stuff, you wouldn't like it. It costs 3 bucks. I know i know, expensive. But I don't care as long as I can taste it. :D Yummy.

Usher, Oh my gosh.

Monday, July 5, 2010

"Hey Zu En like this!" I say doing a rendition of the Gee dance by girls generation.

'Geegeegeegee baby baby baby!,' Wriggling my feet and singing in a falsetto high pitch annoying dance.

*Sorry wawa they do sound like that*

Zu En laughs and tries do the same only failing greatly ungracefully.
If only Yin Hui were here...

During the Modelling session by MPS a lot of girls got cheers from the crowed but did you noticed when Shawne Kee came on it was SILENCE???

At the end of the program when we stood up and sang along me and Zu en did a cha cha dance.


Summary of the Week

First week of school

Back to school, miss all of you blah blah blah.
Get results.
Get depressed.
Got Miracles.

DiGi Campaign..

Emcee: So anyway.. *Lights go off as students cheer*
He tries to look 'cool'.
Emcee: Ok guys we are having a slight technical problem if everyone can just keep calm..
*Lights come on as students jeer*.
He looks relief..
Emcee: Oh great, since everything is back on track can we...
He is cut off as electricity is cut off yet AGAIN and is looking awkward.
*Students laugh and cheer this time*

Went to Negeri Sembilan.
Played ok.
Walked around Jaya Jusco for a while during dinner, i was thinking hey? didn't i come here during 2008 MSSM?
Walked more, things get familiar. And then i see it.

The chair shitface and i first sat together and met.

Friday, June 18, 2010

She is a HE?

Finally I've done my civic project. Ugh, I hate using Times New Roman, seriously. The font is so boring and... ugly. Oh man! I still have a moral project to do! I'm exhausted. Totally!

This holiday was like,
oh, busy. Then, boring. And then, Oh, what to do?

Actually I can hang out with you guys if you want to. Because I've found out that my bro has been going out very frequently... and my dad didn't even scold him! But my mum did... cuz she's the one who had to fetch him.. Haha! ;p Well, i guess you guys are enjoying your holidays very well huh. Like I said, I was supposed to bring you guys for bowling or swimming.. since wawa doesn't want it anymore, so i'd canceled it. :D Brilliant eh?

And, I'm so sorry that I couldn't make the BBQ party happen. My dad wasn't happy when I ask him. So I guess... you know. :( I was wondering if you guys come to my house, we will have so much fun and we can chit-chat!

Currently reading a book called: Percy Jackson and the lightning thief!!!!!!
I haven't watch the movie yet. I wish I could watch it now.
Who has it? Can you please please please lend it to me? I'm so desperate to watch it.

The god of sea :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

BACK number 2...


Hello everyone! hope your holidays were fun. MSSM was not as fun as i had expected and EXTREMELY exhausting.
Everyday, we had to wake up 6.30a.m, having previously only having to be able to sleep at 11 or 12 at night.

So yes a have DEEP eye bags, but i plan to sleeeep sleep and sleeeep them away.
Sigh.... Shitface is in KL, I thought the competition would be over when i get back but the finals are today..


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I am back from hometown! Melaka is freaking hot :S

Today I wake up early in the morning, as usual i was looking at my suju's posters and cant stop smiling :D I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Walked into my room again and took suju's 'Super Show 2' album out, HEHEHE:) i bet you guys know what i did..obviously i listened to suju's album all morning! :) Oh well, just when i finish listening and was about to switched on my computer, my dad woke up and said " later i bring you go cut your and your mom." Right, so i dint get to switch on my comp this morning and thats why i am using it now HAHA. Alright so i went out with my family and when i was in the car, my phone rang! CANDEEPIE IS CALLING. I picked up the phone "halo?" i miss her cute voice! Ok so she was like " iam outside your house now. Going to SWIM!" And i was like "HUH?! SWIM?!" My heart was thinking, she must be kidding me. Anyways its too bad i am going out and she called in. Aiks! So bla bla bla.. I went to cut my hair and fringe is short :S then around 1 pm i reached home and the first thing i did was GO LOOK FOR CANDACE. Haha. So i went down to the swimming pool to look for her. When we see each other we were like "AH~~!" hahahahahaha. We talked for awhile then i shoo her away :P lol, she is supposed to hangout with her friends so yeah, i shoo her away!! Candeepie, you are short :PPP

ALright so this is my story so far. After meeting candace, i went home and do nothing. Well, you know, just looking at super junior can full filled my time:D

Speaking about suju, i got to go now! See you guys! I miss you guys so much :DD

Mature Girl,
Yin Hui :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Monday, May 17, 2010

Jing's here :|

I hardly go online now. My favourite husband has gone.... my laptop. :( So, I have to use this computer which is extremely slow... make me wait for thousand of years...

Sorry HUIs, I didn't appear during chinese class. I got fever, cough, flu and headache. I really need to rest. ;) I was wondering what you two were doing in chinese class. I bet it was boring, and...... yeappy! I was correct! :D If I can skip again.... I wish.... i wish..... i wish there's no chinese class!!! :D Everyone will live happily and ever after! XD

EH man, (oppss, it's women). EH women, I ponteng school for 2 days, friday and today. BEING Candace is quite fun. I studied at home, sleep, eat, watch tv and play! :) I wanted to dig out my barbie doll and play, but then (sigh)... I did not have much energy to put it back to the bottom box again. So, I read TWILIGHT. :)

Autumn's Concerto is really nice. You guys should watch it. This guy can just give a sports car to a girl that he doesn't like. Freeeaaaking rich guy. And he's quite HOT. Oh, if there's really a guy like this in my world, I will ask him to give me a Ferrari. FERRARI!!! I wish. :)

EH, I wanted to watch boys over flowers in youtube but failed. It's freeaaking blur. I LOVE KIM HYUJEOUNG. :D I know i know, you will 'sue' me till the end HUI.

Let's camwhore! ;)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A post by Wawa

Im in li hui's house now and that reminds me of the 'candace is a loser' picture in li hui's house. Well the picture is down here.. For you Candace Goh!

Jing hui dint come for chinese class WHY?!! Chinese class was boring...-.-

This Persons name is Gaara and he was recently raped by Foong Zu En

The best art work by me!
Ok, yin hui has gone off now it is just me lihui taking over for her..
Over and out,
Yin Hui and Li Hui

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

They are BACK!!

Who? you ask me..
Well it's the super sampat crazies ZU EN, CANDACE AND JING HUIII!!

I was getting ready for biology class as i spotted Wawa talking to Candace.
Naturally i went over only to be poked by Candace and her ' Heyyy!! You miss me ar???'
Which led to me and Yin Hui telling her how absolutely 'lovely' school was without them and how Yin Hui wrote 'Candace is a loser on my board' Took a picture of it and uploaded it on Facebook.

Shortly after that, a pair of wet.. ok *damp* clammy cold hands appeared from my view and clapped themselves over my eyes..

Guess who?

Well cold, clammy and not to mention BONY and LONG fingers and hands..

It was Zu En who completed the nearly completed circle of Hui's..
That sweet gesture from her then evoked strong affection for her from me, since with her stomach sickness and all i have not been able to speak to her properly..

With that single word 'Gaara!' She said oh so cutely

Led me to envelope her in the tightest bear hug ever..And shaking her like mad.
Whether she could breathe or not i am not sure but i let her go and gave her another big hug!
I noticed how her hair has grown quite a bit and i took sometime helping her shape her fringe preached her on how to maintain it all..

Only to have her shake her hair on purpose to annoy ME...

Then the Sampet queen Ler Yeen came announcing on how sampat we are and how she could hear our so sampat voices from far away.

Than i said SHE was so incredibly sampat we could sense her sampatness from a mile away backed up by zu en, candace and yin hui.
Just to poke her a bit more i added that her sampat boys over flowers was a ridicule and is the root of her sampatness and is a completely sampat show..

Not knowing that Cnadace AND Zu En themselves are fans of that sampat show they turned sides to argue boys over flowers is the best.

Which concluded with us ARGUING again at the end of our reunion with Yin hui (Proven now the only matured one among us) shaking her head, muttering to herself and walking away claiming she is neutral.

You guys made my day..
Love from Lihuii!!

Monday, May 10, 2010


School felt odd ans strangely melanchony today..
I could not pinpoint the exact problem but i knew part of it was because of inpending exams..

Then Wawa told me all the other 3 Hui's were not present in school..
Makes sense really..

To not hear Candace loud voice or Zu En's funny weird laughs..
Or Jings, well antics.. School was easily boring without you guys.
Somehow when some of us are'nt around we get that strange quite feeling..


Ps~ Gaara is my favourite husband now zu en.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Weird Guy

Ok so now i guess 2 of us would know my encounter with the weird guy..
And his dad..

Ok their not very weird but well the experience was completely


And anyway i have been very honouredly invited to go running with @##$$%^%
Maybe i should be nice and not trash him so badly..

Or he trashes me..